Lizzie has been teaching students of all ages and levels since 2000. Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or somewhere in between, you'll find Lizzie's instruction to be inclusive, transformational and fun.  Her Muscle Meets Mindful approach to health takes her clients on a full body, mind, and spirit journey where challenge is balanced with ease in both movement and lifestyle.  


Each class is a mix of movement and breath, challenge, surrender, and most likely a few bad jokes!    

Lizzie's Muscle Meets Mindful  program is a 21-day fitness plan for people who want to seamlessly blend weight training and yoga.  Students who follow this course develop stronger bodies while uncovering the invaluable tools to access internal calm. The challenge level is completely adjustable.  

Lizzie is on a lifelong journey to study multiple styles of yoga, meditation, weight training, and other movement modalities in order to piece together classes that are the most results-based, fun, and therapeutic for her students.  She ties in the latest health research, including neuroscience, so that the entire body--brain included--reaps the benefits of a well-rounded practice.   

Lizzie's yoga and wellness articles have been published with Yoga International and Elephant Journal and she also writes for children.  She lives in Austin with her husband, son, and two dogs. They put up with her mushy love declarations and bad jokes daily.