I designed Muscle Meets Mindful to transform you inside and out.   This intricately crafted program takes you through each day with targeted multi-modality movements for strength and flexibility along with easy to implement mental and emotional health practices such as breath work and meditation. 


Some classes or programs you might have already experienced only provide strength, and some only provide stretch.  Muscle Meets Mindful offers both at adjustable levels so you get exactly what you need day to day. 


You can go at your own pace of course, or follow along daily as you switch between Muscle (primarily strength building days) and Mindful (primarily flexibility and mindfulness building days).  

The Muscle is comprised of : yoga, weights, neuroscience, and other modes of dynamic movement.

The Mindful is made up of : yoga, breath work, meditation, inspirational readings, self-inquiry, and other modes of self-care.

There is no need to do this in a 21-day timeframe, though there is a bit of magic to that timeline in terms of successful positive change.  It can be done exactly how you deem right for you and your lifestyle.  You can access the program indefinitely after purchase.  

I'm honored to lead you through discovering the untapped strength and flexibility of your body, mind, and spirit as you reinvigorate and replenish in the important place where Muscle Meets Mindful!