Nice words from folks who know me

If I had to pick only two words to describe Lizzie's classes, they would be "joyful" and "mindful." Each class can be tailored to your level of experience and/or energy. She encourages you to freely explore your body's own needs each time you come to the mat. Modifications and suggestions are regularly offered through the sequences--as well as the chance to lay in savasana the entire time if you desire!
Lizzie's teaching style is heart- and breath-centered, with a focus on alignment and proper form. I've learned a lot about technique from her, even after coming to her class with a decade of yoga experience. Still, she doesn't take herself or the practice too seriously! Expect a class that will challenge you but also make you laugh. I love her spirit, warmth, and guidance.

Jennifer C.

I've had classes with many teachers, and by far my favorite teacher is Lizzie.  I try to attend her Tuesday class whenever I can. Her class is always challenging, fun, and welcoming.  It's a great way to keep in shape, stretch those tired/cramped muscles, decompress from a stressful and busy day/week, and achieve a little bit of peace of mind. Very highly recommended!

Jorge R.

Lizzie is truly extraordinary. If I could rate her 5 stars plus a million bonus points, I absolutely would! She is a teacher that spends time preparing and planning her classes, and as a yogi, this is something I truly appreciate, and not something that all teachers appear to do. Her understanding of physiology is carefully and intentionally incorporated into her teaching, yet she is never condescending or pejorative in her explanations to students. On top of all of that badassness, she does not take herself too seriously and encourages students to do the same - laugh, smile, move with joy. This is what truly keeps me coming back to her classes, oh and also the fact that she cares so much about her students' experience that I once witnessed her carefully and without raising the hackles of the rest of the class, remove a live bug (that had flown in from outside) from a student's hair DURING down dog! Seriously!!! Hero level bravery and I would seriously follow her anywhere. Do not pass up a chance to take a class or lesson from Lizzie, her warmth and charisma should not be missed!

Leah D.